Commission Information


Personalised prints, personalised flash sheets, custom tattoo design and branding work for other businesses.



Please note these prices are the base level price and serve as a rough guide. The end cost for the commissioned print may increase for reasons such as; excessive design changes, the time spent on the commission, additional prints of the commission, and any other cost variables. 


A5 Black and White Art Print - £65+

A4 Black and White Art Print - £85+

A5 Colour Art Print - £90+

A4 Colour Art Print - £110+


Additional charges are as follows;

- £5 for an additional A5 print or £8 for an additional A4 print.

- £5 per edit for substantial changes* of the draft or finalised product after 1 initial alteration.

*Substantial change examples are; additional designs added to a flash sheet, removal of a design from a flash sheet, re-scaling of the print, complete colour way changes etc. These are all classed as significant changes as it takes extra time to get the commission perfect for you, therefore each of these changes will be charged accordingly.

- £25 if the commissioned piece needs to be completely re-drawn per the customer's needs and criteria. This will take a significant amount of time to re-do, therefore carries a hefty charge.



Prices will be discussed within the initial conversation. All tattoo designs are charged as £20 per hour. If you are wanting a copy of the design as a print, as well as getting the design tattooed on you, it will cost extra. An A5 print costs £5 and an A4 print costs £8, this is not including shipping. UK shipping is £1 and international shipping is £10.


Please note that any of the above commissioned work is solely for personal and private use only. The design is not to be used for any commercial gain from the customer. If you are wanting to use a commissioned design for business purposes, please contact us and we can send over our price guide. If you do not contact us about wanting to use the design for commercial gain, you will be charged for the additional cost and furthermore blacklisted from purchasing any further commissioned work from us.

Customers do not have the right to sell on any design, in any way, shape or form, this includes merchandise and minting as NFTs. Customers also do not have the right to display commissioned work within their tattoo studios for them to tattoo on a client. Additionally, customers also do not have the automatic right to get a commissioned piece of art tattooed, as this will cost extra.



Logo design, business card design, sticker design, merch design, apparel mock-ups, Instagram story backgrounds, Instagram templates, and more.



Logo - £100

Logo and Business Card Design - £150

Logo, Cards and Sticker Design - £200

Merch Design - Prices will be discussed within the initial conversation. All merch design is charged at £20 an hour. We offer the service of a full merch collection design, this can include t-shirts, tote bags, mugs, hoodies, etc. This will require further discussion via DMs or emails.



We accept PayPal mostly, but we do offer custom listings for non-PayPal users.



If you are wanting any commissioned work please contact us via the details given below. We will then discuss what it is you're after, in which we'll send over a Google Forms link for you to fill out all your commission requirements as we can then collate the information, this makes admin and keeping track of commissions streamlined and organised. We always create a drafted version of the commission, which will be sent to you for 1 initial free change, any further will be charged accordingly. After the draft is approved, we take 25% of the initial quoted price as a deposit. This deposit is non-refundable, as this covers the time spent on the admin and drafting of the commission. Once the deposit is paid, the commission will then go through the finishing stages, which will then once again be sent to you for any additional changes. Once the final version is approved, the outstanding 75% of the quoted price (and any additional charges) will then be invoiced. If you are ordering any physical commission work, your order will not be shipped out until the outstanding payment is paid in full.



To contact us for commissions or for further information, contact us via our socials or our email;

Instagram: @natalieabbottdesign, Twitter: @natalieadesign or email


Please note if you are a recurring unreliable customer in terms of payment, time wasting or a lack of communication, we have the right to deny any of our commission based services to you.